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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by KatoHearts(A) on Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:57 pm

Universes are born empty and cold.

Soon after they're shaped by gods.

Sometimes into a piece of art, a city, a prison, or an infinity of other forms.

Some even contain life.

In the fullness of time they return from whence they came.

But before then there are many tales to be told.

Tales of...


Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) ADZjDD3

Hello, and welcome to godhood. A game about creativity, unintended consequences, and unlimited* cosmic power.

*Warning. Power is only theoretically unlimited.

You will take on the role of a deity arriving in a new universe. Using the reality altering power of acts, you will shape the world to your whim. Creating fantastical planets, magnificent beasts, and helping to shape civilizations. You will not be alone in this task, however, other players holding the same incredible power as you will be attempting to shape the world to fit their own purposes, even as you do.
The conflict that arises between gods with differing ideologies is a major theme of the game. Will you be able to settle these differences peacefully? Or will your attempts to one up your rival cause calamity on the mortal plane? Half the fun of the game is finding out.

A core component of this game is the management of your one and only resource. Acts, a representation of your godly power, are used to do nearly everything in this game. You gain more acts every turned based on how many people worship you. As well as how many things in the universe are within your “Spheres of influence.” These spheres do not represent how much territory you own, but rather what concepts fall most closely in line with your god. For instance. A god with the sphere of war will gain power from major conflicts in the universe. While a god of art will benefit from societies that patronizes the arts.

If you’re interested in playing, fill out the application below.

Name: Mortals for eons to come will pray to this name in reverence. To whom will they beg for blessings or mercy?
Color: Pick a color for your speaking and thought text. It really helps to differentiate characters.
Appearance: How do you usually present yourself to other gods and mortals alike?
Spheres: You have three spheres of influence from which to gain power. What concepts do you hold divine dominion over? (Include a brief elaboration of your spheres where appropriate.)
Bio: Who are you? What are you? Do you enjoy long walks on the nebula?                

Act cost chart

Basic actions: These are pretty static in their costs. You may attempt to put less or even more power into these but you will likely get some unexpected results.
Click Here:
Cosmic bodies
Click Here:
Create Sun: The first god or goddess to arrive may make a star of their choosing for free

Create moon sized planet: 1 acts.

Create mars sized planet: 2 acts.

Create Earth sized planet: 4 acts.

Create useful minerals for a planet: Planets come with all standard minerals unless otherwise specified. Feel free to change the concentration and ratios there of. Note that exotic minerals, such as those with special abilities (Magic, Psionic, so on) are a separate creation

Create water: No need, specify the amount when you create the world, otherwise assume earthlike

Create an atmosphere for a planet: No need, specify special compositions if you want. Basic type is earthlike.
Click Here:
Mundane: Basic creatures that can be made in multi-species batches. Think producers, consumers, and decomposers. These are adapted to the planet and are basically analogs to mundane earth animals. You can limit the scope if you wish, only bird species for example

Basic life: 1 act. Mindless creatures, plants, and insects. The base of many ecosystems.

Small animals: 1-2 acts. Usually innocuous and unintimidating, creatures of this size are often overlooked by other mortals. But hold great potential in creative hands.

Medium animals: 2-3 acts. Lacking both the overwhelming numbers of minuscule creatures, and the monstrous size of titans, it is commonly agreed upon that creatures of this size are inherently uninteresting.

Large animals: 3-4 acts. Physically imposing and powerful. Large creatures are not to be provoked lightly.

Unique: Unique creatures are made a species at a time. This is where you get your dragons, golems, and other fantastic beasts. The basic act costs are as above plus one. A good rule of thumb is that each extra power or ability also adds one act to the final total.

Titans: 5+ acts. Kings and Queens of nature. Titans are inherently rare, as they require massive amounts of food to sustain themselves. A titan’s presence can strike awe in lesser beings. And their corpse acts as a feast for scavengers far and wide that can last for weeks.
Granting sentience and appearing to mortals
Click Here:
Make a creature intelligent: 2 acts. This will affect a large population of any animal. Giving intelligence to some animals will result in different outcomes than others. More numerous, social animals are common targets for ascension. But borderline hive minds such as insect colonies, or the sparsely populated titans, are also entirely valid options.

Appear to mortals: 1+ acts. Simply descending into a village from the sky costs less than riding across the city in a flaming chariot followed by visions of angels that seem to stretch the imaginations of whoever lays eyes on them, leaving mortals struggling to find the words to describe their appearance later. But interacting with mortals requires an investment of acts. (Until Priests and Prophets come into play later on. More on them when they become relevant.)

Incarnate: 1 act to do so temporarily. 3 acts to do so until death. This allows you
take on a mortal form in whatever way you wish. While mortal your omniscience is severely limited (though you can briefly regain it at the cost of one act, or have another god tell you what is happening in the universe.) While mortal, you will be perfectly fit and healthy, never age, and never give in to hunger or thirst. You can still be killed by mortal wounds. Though you will be far more resilient than any mortal could hope to be. You will be virtually unmatched in any profession you choose. Be it in the arts, in craftsmanship, or in battle. Your very presence will seem to hold divine weight, and your voice will carry with it a sound of ethereal beauty, or terror, or madness. Any of these properties can be diminished or done away with for the sake of appearing more worldly.
Alternate planes of existence
Click Here:
Creating an alternate plane of existence: 5 acts. This will be enough to create any plane that does something simple. For instance, an afterlife to dump souls into. And it can be a pleasant afterlife, or a hellish one. They can be completely separate from the other planes of existence, such as the mortal or ethereal plane. Or be so close that the two planes can interact with each other in limited capacities. Such as a plane filled with the souls of the departed being close enough to the mortal plane as to create ghostly images of the dead in the land of the living, or vice versa.

Alter the rules of a plane of existence: 3+ acts. Some planes of existence may require their rules tweaked as time goes on. Or will simply require a larger act investment to accomplish what you want them to do. 3 acts will allow you to rewrite the laws of a plane of existence.

Create things in an alternate plane of existence: 1 act (usually.) Because these planes of existence are presumed to be mostly not interacting with the mortal realm, 1 act will get you almost whatever you want to create. However, the closer they are to the mortal plane, the more things will cost.
Advanced actions:
Click Here:
Literally anything that’s not a banned action or a basic action. I would say the sky's the limit but you’re well beyond such constraints.
Banned actions:
Click Here:
Outright genociding a species that doesn’t belong to you.
Putting up “shields” to prevent other gods from interacting with something.    
Directly undoing another god’s action.

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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by dragonshardz on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:36 pm

Ah, so apparently we're doing this thing again. I'll throw my hat in.

Name: Kinatar, the Wanderer
Color: Deep sky blue
Appearance: Kinatar appears to mortals as the torso of a sophont in place of the head of a multi-legged creature, favoring the equivalent of a female in appearance, IE, a centaurette in Greece, a drider if viewed by Drizzt Do'Urden, you get the picture. Kinatar is invariably dressed or costumed as an explorer or wanderer, with a weapon whose edges and/or points shimmer with raw energy.
Spheres: Positive Emotion (Joy, Love, Etc.), Kinetic Energy, Discovery/Exploration
Bio: Kinatar embodies the joy of discovery and the exhilaration of climbing mountains, sailing the seas, and so on - as well as the kinetic energy inherent in such actions. She came into being at the moment of creation, springing fully-formed into the not-quite-reality that exists before the gods take action, filled with a desire to know the very edges of reality, and to create wonders to be discovered in the fullness of time.

An offering to Kinatar can be as simple as an invocation of her name when embarking on a journey, or a complex ritual of mirrors and candlelight thanking her for a successful return home. Any joyous moment or lighting of fire, anything new and wonderful - these are what fuels and empowers the Goddess of Wanderers.

Her most dedicated followers tend towards lean fitness and an impatient wanderlust, searching always for the next horizon.

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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by Runemaker on Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:22 am

Name:Bork, Godsmith

Color:Gray, as the color of forged metal.

Appearance: Bork is large, muscled humanoid with four arms and the head of a white tiger. His skin is cracked stone, all dark browns and blacks. When he is at his forge, the cracks alight with heat and shine bright orange. Bork is often shown wearing simple pants and little else. One arm on each side bears a forging hammer.

Spheres: Creation (traditionally represented in the forge, but Bork's creation are far beyond what mortals are able to reproduce, from land, to creatures, to great celestial bodies), The Quest (the undertaking of a hardship, from the creation of a work, to the hunting of a beast. Mortals undertake these quests out of desire, while beasts undertake them out of necessity), and Strength (The might of Titan, or the strength of an army, the strike of a blade, or the slash of a claw. Strength comes in many forms, and Bork is the father of them all).

Bio: Bork the Godsmith is a master craftsman engaged that uses his divine power to fill the universe with his grand creations. While mortal create tools, armor, and weapons, he creates fantastic beasts and outlandish landscapes. Each swing of his mighty hammers unleashes a new wonder on the world, from the predators that stalk the night, to the mighty titans that hold dominion over their land.

But it is with mortals that Bork places his favor, for they have the ingenuity to imitate his forms, and learn from his creations. They are not content to use the power he has given them, but instead strive endlessly for more. This, the grandest quest of all, inevitably leads them to Bork. And so he teaches them, showing them how to take from the land all they need to master it. And then he swings his hammer once more, creating new challenges for his people. Only through struggle will they grow. Only through strife will they increase their strength.

Worshipers of Bork honor him by hanging a hammer near where they work, a call to the god to help them succeed. Hunters will often go out with weapons of their own design, crafted to fit their hands. Others will simply pray for his drive when facing their challenges.

While warlike nations have much for Bork to enjoy, peaceful societies that produce more plowshares than swords are equally treasured in his eyes. Both pursue mastery of their lands in their own way, and both pursue creation from different fronts. Both subdue the land with their strength, by forcing it, or by shaping it.

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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by Alcyius on Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:03 pm

Name: The Beginning and the End, The Everlasting Cycle, Whom Lives and Dies, etc etc. Victor Morte to their friends.
Color: Green, the Color of Verdant Life and Devouring Rot
Appearance: Variable. To Gods, they appear as two snakes devouring each other, one skeletal, covered in fungus and scavengers, the other vibrant and living, covered in plant life. When they aren't being theatrical, they'll just appear as cloaked skeletal figure, either devoid of life or covered in moss and fungus and other life. To mortals, they appear as a reflection of the mortal, until that mortal's time to die, when they appear as a skeletal reflection of the mortal.
Spheres: Life, Death, Cycles(anything that happens in Cycles, pretty broad, lemme know if it needs changed)
Bio: Victor Morte is a god of duality, one half born of the universe, to create, the other born of it's inevitable end, destined to take, both sides coexisting in a never-ending cycle.

They grant creatures life with one hand, and take it away with the other, for nothing may live without another's death. All things are bound to that rule, even gods.

Those who worship Victor tend to do so in parts. Thus, Victor shows many aspects to mortals. Midwifes, for instance, have no need of Victor's Sphere of Death, and so, as mortals do, attribute the Sphere of Life to whatever title they choose for it. Executioners will do the same for the Sphere of Death. Those few who create or end vast amounts of life might even earn a boon from Victor.

However, Victor rarely deems to directly interact with mortals. They are the Cycle Everlasting, and as long as their is Life, there will be Death. They see little need to prove themselves or obtain worship.


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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by SFR on Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:43 pm

Name: The Lurker In the Unknown/Red-Eyed Lurker/Etc.

Color: Red

Appearance: The Lurker In the Unknown is perceived as an indiscriminate mass of nothing filled or covered with innumerable red eyes. However it is believed that it is also able to take the form of a mortal being or at least be perceived in such a way.

Spheres: The Lurker rules over the spheres of Chaos, Fate, and Pride.

  • Chaos - Chaos seeks to render the multiverse a heterogeneous agglomeration of chance and randomness - a return to primordial entropy without distinct forms.  Products of this Sphere are individuality, lawlessness, and the dissipation of universal truths. Chaos holds sway over War and sweeps through the World and Heavens

  • Fate - Fate is a mysterious force that sweeps the World and Heavens. It affects all things for good or ill, mortal or immortal, and determines the course events shall take.

  • Pride - Even when defeated, those that follow this Sphere keep their dignity and inner strength visible to those around them. The material world has less importance than the spiritual when speaking of this Sphere, as circumstance cannot lower value or quality.

Bio: The Lurker In the Unknown is a very old entity that came from a much older universe after being exiled by an alliance of younger deities who sought to defeat what they considered the source great evil of that universe. During the ensuing battle, The Lurker was weakened and had no choice but accept Its defeat and leave that universe for this one. It is essentially an embodiment of Chaos that seeks to eventually overturn the common sense and order of a particular universe without any animosity and It takes great Pride in Itself. Though It also draws Its power from the sphere of Fate, It does prefer chance and randomness over a predetermined outcome and will often act to alter what others may consider a foregone conclusion. As such The Lurker is drawn to mortals that seek to fight against their Fates, those who take Pride in their individuality, those who always take the riskiest chances, and those that seek to fight and struggle against the tyranny of Order.

The Lurker does not often directly interact with the mortals that believe in It but will instigate situations and actions that it finds amusing to ensure that mortals and deities alike are not bound by the monotony of existence. It believes that every day is a fresh start and should not be the same was it was before. It does not seem to give much thought or care to believers or followers and any shrines, temples, and symbols of It are often taken through the actions of the mortals without It taking any direct action. However it does seem that the mortals that do believe and follow in It have created a symbol of circular shadow with many tentacle-like shapes along the circumference with a single red eye in the centre.

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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by Detroct on Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:18 pm

Name: Azreal

Colour: Indigo

Appearance: An angel with six great wings, the top and bottom pairs are used to cover the body, revealing only a shrouded head, while the final two are used to "fly"

Spheres: Azreal watches over the spheres of Light, Order, and Knowledge

Bio: A relatively young being that came into being late in the formation of a different existence, but has come early to this one. He seeks to build himself, having been a minor blip compared to other powers encountered in the past.

As a new being, he often visits newer creations, to set them upon paths of order and knowledge, and often to give them the gift of light. He often does so in what often becomes the image of an 'angel' in old religion and lore.

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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by KatoHearts(A) on Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:17 am

I'll go with five gods for now. If anyone else wants to play you can submit and be added over the next few turns.


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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by Sevasta on Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:35 pm

Name:Nysela, The Scribe


Appearance: Nysela is a simple, somewhat pretty woman in a plain grey hooded cloak. Her eyes are nearly always shut, but a third eye in her forehead remains always open.

Spheres: Luck, Determination, Secrets.

Bio: Nysela was not present at the founding of existence. Indeed, she only appeared once another deity had decided to not tell someone something. She finds her newfound existence a curiosity to be explored, and is content to do very little for the time being but watch and learn.


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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by Fullblind on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:13 pm

Name: Endring , The Creation.

Color: Orange

Appearance: Endring, if seen by mortals will appears in many stadic forms that never seems to be the same as the last and is never the same once. If another god sees him however, they will see a shifting formless mass of materials fluids, gases and lights.

Spheres: Chaos - Creativity - Thought

Bio: Endring is a being created from an old gods squabble and was born from the fallout. Forgotten and alone Endring wondered the empty void Eventually having no idea what it is or what to do. it decided to do what what its creators did and make things like its self, But what is Endring, it can not tell. even his own visage is untellable and unrepeatable but the sight of it is one to behold, its form ever changing new ideas.

"I think I know what i'll make now."

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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by Atomikkrab on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:29 pm

Name: Slackwyrm

Color: Yellow

Appearance: Slackwyrm has the appearance of a massive dragon sitting on a very very comfy pillow.

Spheres: Dragons, Sloth, Greed

Bio: Slackwyrm is an extremely lazy dragon who is now somehow a god, maybe he slept through the end of the last existence and failed to be annihilated and thus by being the first dragon of this existence, is also the god of dragons here... OH GREAT THIS SOUNDS LIKE WORK, CAN I JUST DO NOTHING INSTEAD?


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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by Flat_Land_Snake on Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:21 am

Name: Gnos (nōs), The Source, Celestial Librarian

Color: Green/Silver

Appearance: Humanoid with deep green robes with silver trim (always veiled, voice is without age/gender/racial identifiers).

* Seeking/Searching (specifically of knowledge/information, but all searches are worthy)
* Ambition (knowledge/information without application is without purpose; continue to improve),
* Protection (specifically information, but all forms of destruction are frowned upon unless every other option has been expended)

Bio: Encourages seeking knowledge/power/ways to improve oneself by all. But frowns upon those that horde information for the sake of information, those that lock their secrets in towers/dungeons/vaults and never apply themselves. And, while death/destruction is inevitable due to the rigors of time, you should never rush it's coming for yourself, others, and information (delaying the inevitable course of death's grasp is smiled upon however).


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Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A new eon. (Applications Closed)

Post by KatoHearts(A) on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:15 pm

And that's the last person I'll be adding. Sorry folks, maybe next game.


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