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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

Post by Alcyius on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:17 am

An empty and desolate place...
Devoid of light and life...
But not for long...
For from the nothing...
The Spark of the Divine may rise...
For these are the tales...
Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) E89cafaa5490398167606a62064935d8

Welcome to Godhood, a game of phenomenal cosmic power. You play one of the Gods, creating and shaping a new universe. Using the reality altering power of acts, you will shape the world to your whim. Creating fantastical planets, magnificent beasts, and helping to shape civilizations. You will not be alone in this task, however, other players holding the same incredible power as you will be attempting to shape the world to fit their own purposes, even as you do.

The conflict that arises between gods with differing ideologies is a major theme of the game. Will you be able to settle these differences peacefully? Or will your attempts to one up your rival cause calamity on the mortal plane? Half the fun of the game is finding out.

A core component of this game is the management of your one and only resource. Acts, a representation of your godly power, are used to do nearly everything in this game. You gain more acts every turned based on how many people worship you. As well as how many things in the universe are within your “Spheres of Influence.” These spheres do not represent how much territory you own, but rather what concepts fall most closely in line with your god. For instance. A god with the sphere of war will gain power from major conflicts in the universe. While a god of art will benefit from societies that patronizes the arts.

EDIT: Applications are now closed.

This game of Godhood will have some slightly different mechanics. Primarily, when it comes to Spheres. A God is supreme within their Spheres. Thus, actions associated with one of their spheres costs one less act to perform. Acts will be awarded per turn thusly: 1 act for each sphere that is represented anywhere in the universe, 2 acts if your Sphere is common in the universe, and 3 acts if the sphere is prolific. Mortal worship will award Acts as appropriate. The Powers of Creation will sustain the Gods for 5 turns, starting with 5 acts, with one less each turn. In this game, gods cannot share spheres. If you're reduced to 0 Act Gain for 3 turns, your God ceases to exist, as Reality can no longer sustain them.

Act Costs:
Basic Acts:
These are pretty standard. You can spend more or less Acts, but might get some weird stuff.
Celestial Bodies:
Stars: A Deity with the Light, Space, or other appropriate domain may make one star for free at the start of the game. Only one star may be made for free. Otherwise, base cost is 6 Acts.
A molten core and an earth like amount of water are assumed for planets. Feel free to build these differently, just specify it in your post.
Create Small amount of earth: 1 Act.
Create Moon-sized object: 2 Acts. This is the smallest object that can exist in a stable orbit around a planet without any additional assistance from a god.
Create Very Small Planetoid: 3 Acts. This is cheap. That is literally its only plus. This is the smallest planet that could TECHNICALLY support a stable ecosystem with a species of Titans. I wouldn't suggest it though.
Create Small Planetoid: 4 Acts. Gravity is a bit weaker than what us humans are uses to. And there isn't much space. But if you don't feel like saving up for an earth sized planet, this should serve your purposes for a while. This is the smallest planet that can support a stable satellite.
Create Regular Sized Planetoid: 5 Acts. This is an earth sized planet. Now. Our planet can support thousands of species. This will not support thousands of species. A regular sized planet will support large ecosystems, but it isn't going to serve all your needs. Luckily, gods are known for creating lots of planets for various reasons. So it's unlikely that a planet of this size will be filled to the bursting any time soon.
Create Large Planetoid: 6 Acts. For when an earth sized planet just isn't quite big enough.
Gas Giants: 6 8 or 10 acts. These are for aesthetics mostly. These enormous wastes of space can usually support several small planets as satellites. The larger gas giants can even support earth sized satellites.

Mass Mundane Life: A God with the Domain of Life can make mass mundane life, aka, a basic ecosystem of simple organisms filling producer, consumer, and decomposer roles. Nothing more advanced than algae. After the ecosystem is started, spending one act will double the fertility of the Base species of that ecosystem, leading to a period of prosperity.
Small Life: 2 Acts. These are your things up to the size of a rabbit. You can make a general batch of them, or make a single type, such as birds or fish.
Medium Life: 3 Acts. This is everything from the size of a rabbit to the size of Andre the Giant. Usually pretty boring, but a necessary intermediate for the larger stuff.
Large Life and Above must be made one species at a time.
Large Life: 4 Acts. Everything from the size of a horse to the size of an elephant.
Huge Life: 5 Acts. Everything from the size of an elephant to the size of a Great Blue Whale.
Titan: 6+ Acts. These are truly great creatures of immense size and power. They require large amounts of food and space.
Unique Life: Take an existing species, spend acts to give it unique attributes. This is how you get your Golems, Dragons, and other weird stuff. Generally, one act per supernatural ability, and you can offset it with disadvantages. Mundane reshaping, within natural limits, costs one act.

Intelligence and Appearing to Mortals:
Make a creature intelligent: 2 acts. This will affect a large population of any animal. Giving intelligence to some animals will result in different outcomes than others. More numerous, social animals are common targets for ascension. But borderline hive minds such as insect colonies, or the sparsely populated titans, are also entirely valid options.

Appear to mortals: 1+ acts. Simply descending into a village from the sky costs less than riding across the city in a flaming chariot followed by visions of angels that seem to stretch the imaginations of whoever lays eyes on them, leaving mortals struggling to find the words to describe their appearance later. But interacting with mortals requires an investment of acts. (Until Priests and Prophets come into play later on. More on them when they become relevant.)

Incarnate: 1 act to do so temporarily. 3 acts to do so until death. This allows you
take on a mortal form in whatever way you wish. While mortal your omniscience is severely limited (though you can briefly regain it at the cost of one act, or have another god tell you what is happening in the universe.) While mortal, you will be perfectly fit and healthy, never age, and never give in to hunger or thirst. You can still be killed by mortal wounds. Though you will be far more resilient than any mortal could hope to be. You will be virtually unmatched in any profession you choose. Be it in the arts, in craftsmanship, or in battle. Your very presence will seem to hold divine weight, and your voice will carry with it a sound of ethereal beauty, or terror, or madness. Any of these properties can be diminished or done away with for the sake of appearing more worldly.

Alternate Planes of Existence:
Creating an alternate plane of existence: 5 acts. This is enough to create an alternate plane of existence and shape it's contents. An afterlife, for example, could be made with all the mechanics of it set up, or even with multiple different realms within it. This does not include servants. The alternate plane cannot directly interact with the mortal world at this stage, beyond souls travelling if applicable.

Alter the rules of a plane of existence: 3+ acts. Some planes of existence may require their rules tweaked as time goes on. Or will simply require a larger act investment to accomplish what you want them to do. 3 acts will allow you to rewrite the laws of a plane of existence. This is the minimum investment to allow another plane to interact with the mortal realm.

Create things in an alternate plane of existence: 1 act (usually.) Because these planes of existence are presumed to be mostly not interacting with the mortal realm, 1 act will get you almost whatever you want to create. However, the closer they are to the mortal plane, the more things will cost.

Divine Servants:

Single-Purpose Servant: This is how you make your Judges, your unique Angels, etc etc. 2 Act for creation, comes with malleable appearance, complete obedience, and a single Sphere, which doesn't have to be one of yours. Further powers may require more acts.
Demigod: Demigods are invested with two of your spheres, can use your Acts to accomplish great feats, and are more powerful than Servants. 4 Acts base to make a Demigod.
Prophet/Hero: A Prophet or Hero is a mortal invested with your favor. They gain abilities from one of your spheres of your choice, you can talk to them at will, and they will spread your worship. 3 Acts.

Cool Shit:

Create Unique Material: 2 Acts, 3 if it's widely present.
Create Supernatural System: 4 Acts, this gets you your magic, your psionics, your alchemy, etc etc.
Restrict Supernatural System: 1 Act, this lets you require various things to do whatever it is you created.
Bring Celestial Body to Life: Double the cost to create it. Can be done over time, which means various parts of it will come to life gradually. Inherently unique, and intelligent.
Move Celestial Body: 1 Act, 2 for anything Earth-Sized or larger, 4 for stars.
Create Artifact: Variable
Smite, Curse, or Grant Boons: 1 Act base, free if it's within your Spheres. More if it runs directly counter to your spheres. I'm the final judge here.

Advanced Actions:

Literally anything not listed above, or in the Banned Actions. Go wild.

Banned Actions:

Genocide: You can't kill a species you didn't create. You can make life harder for them.
Sabotage: You can't outright undo another God's action.
Shielding: You can't shield things from another God's actions.

EXCEPTION: Gods are supreme within their spheres. Gods may undo or shield things that fall within their own spheres, for 1 act per thing done, and the other gods cannot undo that. This requires my approval before it goes into affect.

The Cast

  • Verdant the Untamed, Bringer of Life (Tempus)
  • Lavernus the Refined, Herald of Civilization (Sevasta)
  • Endring the Abyssal, Chaser of Horizons (Fullblind)
  • Coeus the Wise, Keeper of Knowledge (Liburr)
  • Xythis the Unfathomable, Bearer of Secrets (Kato)
  • C'thon the Horrible, Omen of Death (Atomikkrab)

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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

Post by KatoHearts(A) on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:50 am

Name: Xythis

Color: A lovely shade of olive.

Appearance: Xythis takes the form of a mixed flock of birds that moves like a starling flock. Avian species native to his current universe are preferred but if such things are not available he'll use ravens, crow, and similar carrion feeders.

Spheres: Falsehoods(Secrets, Illusion, Deception), Verity (Truth in all its forms), and Flying Creatures(He is, by his nature, a patron of the skies)

Bio: Xythis was born on a wartorn world long ago. He was a flock of birds that followed the armies and picked the bodies clean after the battle was won, or lost, before continuing on. One fine day one of his flock alighted upon a particular body of great importance, someone with a touch of the divine. They pecked out the eyes and Saw, but did not Understand. They tore at the ears and Heard, but did not Listen. They pulled out the tongue and Spoke, but did not Say anything. Finally, they pecked at the cracks in the skull and then Knew. Understanding followed. The flock was remade. Xythis born.


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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

Post by Atomikkrab on Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:18 pm

Name: C'thon

Color: Red

Appearance: C'thon has the appearance of a great beast of many limbs, armored legs come down from a carapace which writhes with tentacles, crushing claws lash into the air and mutagenic drool runs from the mandibles in a steady tide.

Spheres: Water, Death, Mutation.

Bio: A being come from the unknown depths of the multiverse. It is said that mutation and death run in its wake. C'Thon favors the watery depths beneath which light cannot pierce and where the dead of the sea eventually descend to. In those depths all manner of creatures of this world, not of this world and a horrible mixture of them make their home.

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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

Post by Liburr on Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:57 pm

Name: Coeus

Color: Black as Ink

Appearance: A hooded figure carrying a scroll and quill. The form beneath is unclear, and irrelevant.

Spheres: Knowledge (Intelect, wisdom, cunning), Wonders, and Order

Bio: Coeus is the Recorder of All that Is. A deity exiled from his old world by foolish younger gods, he refused to return to the abyss he had been molded from. And so he ascended here, where the seeds of creation lay. Perhaps this time they'd get it right.

Note: If a Life god is needed, I'll swap Order for Life. NBD.

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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

Post by Fullblind on Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:42 am

Name: Endring , The Deep.

Color: Deep Blue

Appearance: Endring, if will appears in several forms but prefers 2 over all when with humans. If he chooses to appear as human, he will appear as a 7 foot tall waterlogged man in an Ship captain long coat and fatigues, sea water is always dripping from him no matter the condition or environment he's in. If he chooses to take the form of something more monsters he'll take the form of a gargantuan sea eel the size of witch could crush ships. If another god perseveres him however, they will see the human form as described before but looks vaguely more alive and put together.

Spheres: Discovery - Desire - Conflict

Bio: Endring was once a mortal before he had ascended to godhood and he has the gods to thank for that specifically the one he had to take the life from. After this he had sailed the sea of stars and explore its edges and give life to those who would to the same before him.

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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

Post by Sevasta on Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:13 pm

Name: Lavernus


Appearance: Lavernus takes the form of a noble, stern faced male figure of whatever species sees him. His eyes are always a piercing shade of amethyst.

Spheres: Civilization, Evolution/Progress, Specialization

Bio: Lavernus is something of an oddity amongst the gods of his spheres. Never quite finding the right creation as of yet, he's decided to find a brand new one to start afresh. He prefers to take a close eye at times and a wide broad aspect at others. He enjoys manifesting amongst particularly favored cultures and spending time amongst them


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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

Post by TempusRimeblood on Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:30 pm

Name: Verdant

Color: Dark Green

Appearance: Verdant appears as many things. He has been known to appear as a large, hulking humanoid made of swamp mud and roots, an ambulatory swarm of insects, a humanoid with insect-like or bestial features, or a man with a long beard and deep green robes, smelling of wet earth.

Spheres: The Wild (wild places in the world and extreme locations,) Life, and Community/Cooperation (whichever sounds better).

Bio: Verdant, despite being one of the most inhuman gods, is also the most human - he feels love for his children, the beasts of the wild and the insects that swarm around the world. He feels love for the sapient races, and their cultures and hearths. And he feels the majesty of his art - the hidden places in the world, the majestic vistas of the desert, the swamplands and marshes, hidden coves in tiny islands and ice-caves within glaciers. All that is the Wild is his canvas, and the roots of the world are his own.


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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Picks

Post by Alcyius on Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:02 pm

The following Gods have been chosen for this game:

  • Verdant the Untamed, Bringer of Life (Tempus)
  • Lavernus the Refined, Herald of Civilization (Sevasta)
  • Endring the Abyssal, Chaser of Horizons (Fullblind)
  • Coeus the Wise, Keeper of Knowledge (Liburr)
  • Xythis the Unfathomable, Bearer of Secrets (Kato)
  • C'thon the Horrible, Omen of Death (Atomikkrab)

Apps are now closed.


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Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed) Empty Re: Godhood: A Light in the Darkness(Apps Closed)

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