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Post by Sevasta on Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:25 pm

Universes are born empty and cold.

Soon after they're shaped by gods.

Sometimes into a piece of art, a city, a prison, or an infinity of other forms.

Some even contain life.

In the fullness of time they return from whence they came.

But before then there are many tales to be told.

Tales of...


Godhood: Sic Semper Divinus Painting_the_earth

Hello, and welcome to godhood. A game about creativity, unintended consequences, and unlimited* cosmic power.

*Warning. Power is only theoretically unlimited.

You will take on the role of a deity arriving in a new universe. Using the reality altering power of acts, you will shape the world to your whim. Creating fantastical planets, magnificent beasts, and helping to shape civilizations. You will not be alone in this task, however, other players holding the same incredible power as you will be attempting to shape the world to fit their own purposes, even as you do.
The conflict that arises between gods with differing ideologies is a major theme of the game. Will you be able to settle these differences peacefully? Or will your attempts to one up your rival cause calamity on the mortal plane? Half the fun of the game is finding out.

A core component of this game is the management of your one and only resource. Acts, a representation of your godly power, are used to do nearly everything in this game. You gain more acts every turned based on how many people worship you. As well as how many things in the universe are within your “Spheres of influence.” These spheres do not represent how much territory you own, but rather what concepts fall most closely in line with your god. For instance. A god with the sphere of war will gain power from major conflicts in the universe. While a god of art will benefit from societies that patronizes the arts.

If you’re interested in playing, fill out the application below.

Name: Mortals for eons to come will pray to this name in reverence. To whom will they beg for blessings or mercy?
Color: Pick a color for your speaking and thought text. It really helps to differentiate characters.
Appearance: How do you usually present yourself to other gods and mortals alike?
Spheres: You have three spheres of influence from which to gain power. What concepts do you hold divine dominion over? (Include a brief elaboration of your spheres where appropriate.)
Bio: Who are you? What are you? Do you enjoy long walks on the nebula?                

Act cost chart

Basic actions: These are pretty static in their costs. You may attempt to put less or even more power into these but you will likely get some unexpected results.
Click Here:
Cosmic bodies
Click Here:
Create Sun: The first god or goddess to arrive may make a star of their choosing for free

Create moon sized planet: 1 acts.

Create mars sized planet: 2 acts.

Create Earth sized planet: 4 acts.

Create useful minerals for a planet: Planets come with all standard minerals unless otherwise specified. Feel free to change the concentration and ratios there of. Note that exotic minerals, such as those with special abilities (Magic, Psionic, so on) are a separate creation

Create water: No need, specify the amount when you create the world, otherwise assume earthlike

Create an atmosphere for a planet: No need, specify special compositions if you want. Basic type is earthlike.
Click Here:
Mundane: Basic creatures that can be made in multi-species batches. Think producers, consumers, and decomposers. These are adapted to the planet and are basically analogs to mundane earth animals. You can limit the scope if you wish, only bird species for example

Basic life: 1 act. Mindless creatures, plants, and insects. The base of many ecosystems.

Small animals: 1-2 acts. Usually innocuous and unintimidating, creatures of this size are often overlooked by other mortals. But hold great potential in creative hands.

Medium animals: 2-3 acts. Lacking both the overwhelming numbers of minuscule creatures, and the monstrous size of titans, it is commonly agreed upon that creatures of this size are inherently uninteresting.

Large animals: 3-4 acts. Physically imposing and powerful. Large creatures are not to be provoked lightly.

Unique: Unique creatures are made a species at a time. This is where you get your dragons, golems, and other fantastic beasts. The basic act costs are as above plus one. A good rule of thumb is that each extra power or ability also adds one act to the final total.

Titans: 5+ acts. Kings and Queens of nature. Titans are inherently rare, as they require massive amounts of food to sustain themselves. A titan’s presence can strike awe in lesser beings. And their corpse acts as a feast for scavengers far and wide that can last for weeks.
Granting sentience and appearing to mortals
Click Here:
Make a creature intelligent: 2 acts. This will affect a large population of any animal. Giving intelligence to some animals will result in different outcomes than others. More numerous, social animals are common targets for ascension. But borderline hive minds such as insect colonies, or the sparsely populated titans, are also entirely valid options.

Appear to mortals: 1+ acts. Simply descending into a village from the sky costs less than riding across the city in a flaming chariot followed by visions of angels that seem to stretch the imaginations of whoever lays eyes on them, leaving mortals struggling to find the words to describe their appearance later. But interacting with mortals requires an investment of acts. (Until Priests and Prophets come into play later on. More on them when they become relevant.)

Incarnate: 1 act to do so temporarily. 3 acts to do so until death. This allows you
take on a mortal form in whatever way you wish. While mortal your omniscience is severely limited (though you can briefly regain it at the cost of one act, or have another god tell you what is happening in the universe.) While mortal, you will be perfectly fit and healthy, never age, and never give in to hunger or thirst. You can still be killed by mortal wounds. Though you will be far more resilient than any mortal could hope to be. You will be virtually unmatched in any profession you choose. Be it in the arts, in craftsmanship, or in battle. Your very presence will seem to hold divine weight, and your voice will carry with it a sound of ethereal beauty, or terror, or madness. Any of these properties can be diminished or done away with for the sake of appearing more worldly.
Alternate planes of existence
Click Here:
Creating an alternate plane of existence: 5 acts. This will be enough to create any plane that does something simple. For instance, an afterlife to dump souls into. And it can be a pleasant afterlife, or a hellish one. They can be completely separate from the other planes of existence, such as the mortal or ethereal plane. Or be so close that the two planes can interact with each other in limited capacities. Such as a plane filled with the souls of the departed being close enough to the mortal plane as to create ghostly images of the dead in the land of the living, or vice versa.

Alter the rules of a plane of existence: 3+ acts. Some planes of existence may require their rules tweaked as time goes on. Or will simply require a larger act investment to accomplish what you want them to do. 3 acts will allow you to rewrite the laws of a plane of existence.

Create things in an alternate plane of existence: 1 act (usually.) Because these planes of existence are presumed to be mostly not interacting with the mortal realm, 1 act will get you almost whatever you want to create. However, the closer they are to the mortal plane, the more things will cost.
Advanced actions:
Click Here:
Literally anything that’s not a banned action or a basic action. I would say the sky's the limit but you’re well beyond such constraints.
Banned actions:
Click Here:
Outright genociding a species that doesn’t belong to you.
Putting up “shields” to prevent other gods from interacting with something.    
Directly undoing another god’s action.


The Pantheon:

Velsavis, the Schemer

Jomontet, the Night Sky

Valif, the Valiant

Vral, the Shifting Trickster

Sxryi, the Mechanism of Progress

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Post by AztechnologyPR on Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:49 pm

Name: Velsavis, the Goddess of Progress

Color: Tyrian Purple

Spheres: Evolution, Innovation, and Politics

Appearance: Velsavis has no corporeal form. Instead, she often appears to mortals when they are on the cusp of some major element of progress. Scientists about to discover a revolutionary principle, politicans about to give a historical speech, even lovers about to concieve a child with a beneficial mutation, have all reported appearances. When this happens, they often report the change in colour of something nearby that represents that progress to a deep purple - a stack of notes, a beaker, a forge, a political speech, and the like. As a result, those involved in areas where relevant progress can occur often surround themselves with purple items - to better reflect their own desire to be so recognized.

Offerings to Velsavis are not required - all that matters to her is the development of life, technology, and society. Every time a creature has that first spark of intelligence or sapience, every time a farmer figures out a better way to cut grain, every time a scientist makes that next small step, every time a society organizes itself, has a revolution, or an election, Velsavis is satisfied. Progress is achieved.

Her followers tend to be most concentrated within trades, science, and those involved with politics - as all within view themselves and their own methods of progress as the future of their species.


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Post by Atomikkrab on Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:43 pm

Name: Hitomur, the Smith

Color: Red As is the color of the krab

Spheres: Craft, War, Peace.

Appearance: Hitomur appears as a titanic man his body swollen with the hard muscle of the forge. Heat and the sounds of metal being hammered into shape follow in his wake. Hitomur has greying hair and a full beard that is slighty singed by loose sparks. The eyes of Hitomur gleam with the sparks of the forgefire and his voice is that of a hundred bellows working in concert. When he manifests he wears hard leathers and an apron generally carrying his hammer which he uses to grant both boons and punishment as one has earned for themselves by their actions or lack there of.

Hitomur is a conflicted god for his tools can be used for both peace and war, good and evil, and so on. A new tool for gathering grain can simply mean a nation can put forth one more regiment of fighting troops to wage war with. (If I cannot have both peace and war I will take Metal as the last domain.)


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Post by KatoHearts(A) on Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:25 pm

Name: Jomontet
Color: Let's go with this
Appearance: https://i.imgur.com/ZESZL.png
Spheres: Night, Magic, Creativity
Bio: Jomontet is an ancient god, more so than usual at this point. He was once a god of order, an enemy to the multiverse as a whole but betrayed his cause and ended a war. That was so long ago that the war has been long forgotten. He still continues his penance to this day, of course. The mere passage of time is not enough for some wounds. He has family, most of it on the side he betrayed, and a daughter, a demigod who ascended in her own time.


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Post by Letmun on Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:54 pm

Name: Valif Lord of the Keep

Color The color of worked copper

Shperes: Metal, Legends, Conflict

Appearance: Valif  appears in different ways each time he makes himself manifest. He shapes himself to look like the finest warrior of the time, though his face is never shown always hidden beneath ether a great helm or a blank wrought iron mask. He makes himself known to heroes in times of need, great battles of time and the fall and rise of kingdoms or empires.

Offerings to Valif can take many forms, from something as simple as calling out his name before rushing into battle or finely made weapons and tools. He mostly favors those who succeed in creating tales to pass down to the ages and those skilled in waging war. His followers can be found in the professions of storyteller, warrior and miners, who all have a different variation on exactly how his worship is to be conducted

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Godhood: Sic Semper Divinus Empty Re: Godhood: Sic Semper Divinus

Post by Elaphoil on Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:11 pm

Name: Vral

Color: Black (Hey!)

Spheres: Duplicity, Absorption, Experimentation

Appearance: Vral is bipedal, with head held high as he strides through the cosmos. His coat is ever shifting and changing, decorated with the many successes and failures that he has overseen over the eons. His gaze is serious as he examines the universe, looking for new things to adorn his cloak. Otherwise he appears as a pale gaunt man, with otherwise frugal clothing.

Bio: Vral has strode the cosmos on the quest to catalog and collect unique discoveries and inventions, taking that knowledge with him to new world's and galaxies. He absorbs those he deems worth, giving them his own insight in exchange for their unique and terrifying discoveries. Vral find himself stuck in both the success and failure of his chosen, gaining elation and deflation in equal measures. Vral himself is a scientist. Dozens of the creatures and things upon his cloak are his own doing. He will manipulate worlds and universes to better find what he is looking for, and he is patient as well as meticulous in letting a world grow. For there is just as much to be found in failure as there is in success.


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Post by Bob The 3rd on Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:44 pm

Name: Sxryi, The Mechanism of Progress

Color: Progress is grey.

Spheres: Science, Technology, Exploration

Appearance: Sxryi is not a physical being, of course, and chooses to express itself in a humanoid amalgam of whatever technology is appropriate to the given location when it appears.

Bio: The mechanism spans the universe, and the mechanism drives progress, and progress drives the mechanism, ad infinitum. There is no discrimination against where the progress comes from, there is no morality of expansion and exploration, only fuel for the ever-burning fires of the mechanism. Sxryi is the driver of progress, and yearns for advancement with no other wants. Whatever happens, Sxryi will not be sated until advanced creations have spanned the stars.

Bob The 3rd

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Post by Luno on Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:36 am

Name: Drylax

Color: Cyan

Spheres: Psionics, Survival, and Death

Appearance: They appears an unassuming member of the species of the one they are speaking to. Often appearing in ones time of extreme trying

Bio: Walking the dichotomy between the struggle to survive and the inevitable failure of that struggle surrounds Drylax. Drylax is at their core a walking struggle. Psionics struggling to control their powers, mortals struggling to survive, and then death inevitably ending all struggles. Drylax does not curse those that fail in their struggle but rewards those who succeed.


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Godhood: Sic Semper Divinus Empty Re: Godhood: Sic Semper Divinus

Post by Liburr on Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:57 am

Name: Ayan

Color: Orange

Spheres: Light, Life, and Hospitality

Appearance: A female, humanoid to her fellow gods, but takes the form of any species she appears before, surrounded by a scorching aura, and graceful in form.

Bio: In all things, it is the Mother who provides the base on which life thrives. Such a concept has many names across a thousand tongues, and all gave rise to Ayan. A young deity, born of a star, she is both eternally youthful and enduring. Offerings to her are best given instead to one's neighbor in need, that all may flourish in the infinite majesty of the cosmos.


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Post by Chrono on Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:53 pm

Name: Arlamor

Color: dark red

Appearence: A six legged bull with a distended jaw and an extra row of teeth below an eerily expressive face, usually contorted in a manic grin.

Spheres: Passion, Hunger, Destruction

Bio: Arlamor is a being of need. He once wandered the verse trying to sate his unceasing hunger, and eventually found creatures could somehow abate that terrible appetite through similar acts. He fed off their debauchery for millennia, igniting their desires and passions until they flew their own planet into the sun to deny it to a space-faring race of invaders.

Perhaps he'll have better luck building from the ground up.


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